Chronic Lyme Disease

Two Years Symptom Free!

This truly is a milestone worthy of noting.  Two years of freedom from symptoms of Lyme disease since this past July. Life is such a precious gift and I am very grateful to still be alive and really living.  I hope for every single precious person reading these entries that you too discover your hope and light at the end of the tunnel.  It can be so isolating to have this disease, so tormenting, so awful in every single way.  I salute you for not giving up and fighting the good fight.  You can do it.  Keep on keeping on. I went running for the first time in years the other day and boy there were muscles I forgot existed and

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Important: The SCIO system is to be used as a Biofeedback Multimedia System. It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. Neither the device or Nikkoly Stanley diagnose anyone. Only a Licensed Practitioner can diagnose a patient. This system is calibrated to measure the fine and subtle electrical and subspace reactions to a group of biological and medical substances. No claims are made of the system or results. The information shared is for educational purposes only. All products available for purchase at Really Live Wellness, LLC can aid the body in reducing stress.