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“get oily” presents…

“get oily” presents a series of essential oils classes that will empower the student to take responsibility for their health and wellness and their dependents with grace and ease.

All Students are encouraged to purchase the main student text from Aroma Tools. Go to this link to purchase your textbook:

There will be additional information not included in the textbook, but places within the textbook for you to take notes. Some classes will offer extra handouts.

At almost every class there will be something that can be made quickly at the end of the class. There will be a fee to cover cost of materials. That fee will be announced prior to each class.

If you bring a friend to introduce them to the use of essential oils you will receive a free sample of essential oil to enjoy as will your guest.

Please always RSVP Frosty Zodrow at 509-886-3799. She is kind enough to host these classes for us and make us some light snacks and drinks, so let’s honor her by giving her the courtesy of a head count in advance.

The classes will be held at 552 Larch Ave., East Wenatchee at 6pm typically on a Thursday or Monday. The exact day for all classes will be announced soon.

The New Year New You promotion goes until February 29th, 2016, so now is the time to get the most out of getting a membership. Attending a class qualifies you for this promotion.

The following classes will be held:

Essential Oils 101: What are essential oils? How can they be used? Why are they called Smart medicine? Do the different parts of the plant do different things? What is a therapeutic grade essential oil? How do essential oils affect the brain? What enables essential oils to provide such incredible benefits? You can make a blend at the end of this class that highlights a part of the plant that resonates with what your body needs. Fees cover the costs of material used.

Daily Vitality: What is vitality? What is cellular health? How can we assimilate our nutrients optimally? How can we optimize digestion? How can we safely detoxify our bodies? What is overall wellness? How do we use essential oils to do all of the above? This class is informational only.

Weight control: What is a solid foundation for weight management? What is a balanced diet? How does a 30 day cleansing schedule support our weight management goals? How do we use essential oils to achieve our goals? This will be a taste and try class.

Emotional Health and Mood Management: What are the effects of emotional distress? How does brain chemistry play a role? How does the power of aroma work? How does the olfactory system play a role? What is a mood matrix and mood continuum? How do we achieve mental clarity and balance in our moods? What would my daily routine look like? Experience the oils that your body resonates with the most to create your own individualized plan for supporting healthy moods. You can choose to leave this class with a blend to take home and use to bring more balance in your life.

Healthy Home and Body: How do we safeguard our homes and places of employment? How are cleaning and bath and beauty products impacting our toxic insult and what do we do about it? This class is a workshop. We will spend most of it making products to take home and use. This class will be two hours long and every item you make will have a fee to cover the cost of supplying the items required.

Body Systems: What are they and how can we identify which oils will help support each one? This class will include a take home blend that you can choose to make to support the different body systems. Fees per items used to cover costs of materials used.

AromaTouch Technique Workshop: This class will cover the technique and give everyone a chance to practice if they choose to do so. Bring your own oils, a massage table if you have one, and someone to exchange an AromaTouch Technique with.

Essential Science: Who does doTERRA scientifically collaborate with ? What does co-impact sourcing mean for me as an essential oil user? What is the process from plant to consumer? What does the statement “music within the oils” mean? What does volatile mean? How does chemistry play a role in how effective a blend can be? Workshop will include an opportunity for you to make your own essential oil blend. There will be a fee per each item made to cover costs of inventory.

Detox and Renew with Essential oils: This class will be held in the fall. The fall is the perfect time to do a complete cleanse. This class will go over a gentle and safe way to effectively do just that. This class will have a simple take it home project available. Fees cover cost of inventory of materials used.

Two in One class: We will workshop this in groups should the class prefer that:

Women’s Health: This entire class will go over several ways to support the unique needs of women through the many stages of their lives. This class will include an opportunity to make a blends that uniquely support men’s health. Fees will cover the cost of inventory.Men’s Health: This class will be taught by Dennis Stanley. He will teach men how to support healthy testosterone, maintain healthy energy levels naturally, and cover many of the unique health challenges men face. This class will include an opportunity to make a blends of oils that uniquely support men’s health. Fees will cover the cost of inventory.

Holiday Workshop Class: We will be making gifts based on the doTERRA book that is released every year from their blog featuring the top DIY projects. Fees are per item made to cover cost of inventory.

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