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Fall 2017 Education and Newsletter

It was brought to my attention that in the last newsletter I gave many of the splenic attributes to the base chakra.  I didn’t explain as well as I should have how the Root/base chakra is what keeps us grounded/balanced.  These newsletters are not intended to go into great depth, but to be a catalyst for your own personal study and growth.  The root/base chakra is about survival and connection in the overall balance of mind, body, and spirit as it anchors us energetically from heaven to the earth.

Time to Let Go and Let Flow

This is the season of release and letting go of what no longer sustains us to allow for future growth and development.  We see this as we observe nature and watch the plants shed their glory for a time of rest and replenishment.  They do not remain in the past or project into the future.  The whole message they reveal to us is that letting go and moving forward at the right time is creative, liberating, and beautiful.  My admonishment is to not fight this cycle in our lives, but to embrace it and allow for the vitality on the horizon to come.  Some of us refuse to "shed".  This is a large stressor to the mind, body, spirit which was created to allow life to ebb and flow.

This newsletter focus is on giving an introduction to the Splenic/Sacral chakra.  The splenic chakra is an actual measurable energy center that is located 2 inches below the navel and two inches in.  It is represented by the color orange.  Beneficial foods that support this energy center are oranges, melons, coconuts, sweet fruits, cinnamon, and quality drinking water.  Supportive essential oils are: sandalwood, patchouli, orange, rose, and ylang ylang.  The body systems associated with this energy center are the reproductive systems, the sexual organs, renal system, bowels, and the lumbar plexus.

This creative energy center is entwined with our sense of taste, appetites physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  An inability or unwillingness to feel our emotions can be manifested within the body as infertility, erectile dysfunction, kidney weakness, sugar regulation imbalances, low back pain, and other reproductive ailments.  In a sense, refusing to feel or participating in the appetites of the flesh in an unbalanced way hinders the ability to create life.  In addition, a splenic energy center out of balance can be revealed in diminished energy levels, addictive behaviors, constipation, muscle cramps, allergies, weight gain or loss, emotionally explosive behaviors, manipulative bents, passive aggressive actions, rage, ambitious tendencies, delusional thinking, a sense of victimhood or martyr mentality always suffering, seeking the approval of others, or helping others at their own detriment.  Furthermore, it can be difficult to pull out of a negative mindset and/or a deep sense of guilt and shame.

A balanced Splenic energy center is revealed in those who thoroughly enjoy life to the fullest by the process of release and allow.  The mindset is typically one of abundance, peace, and possibility.  Relationships are constructive and mutually beneficial.  Bowels move freely and often, sexual release and satisfaction are the norm, renal health secured, and menstrual cycles are like painless clockwork.  Shedding and cleansing for the next opportunity to create.  Letting go in order to allow for something new.  These balanced folks choose to live intentionally, fully aware of who they are, how they feel, and how they impact their world.  They choose to fully live and to do no harm to themselves or others.

The Splenic chakra is greatly impaired by the inability to express emotions or accept emotions. This is a strong message to the entire body to hold and not let go.  These emotions then become chaotic energy within that has quite a destructive force.  A great deal of my clients have stress because the pathways of elimination are stagnant and not releasing toxins/waste properly.  The connection to repressed or unmanaged emotional stress during these sessions has led me to believe that most of us need support, tools, and encouragement to release emotions and allow for the cleansing of mind, body, and spirit that happens as a result.  Emotions are energy.  If we do not release them they are stored within our body creating stress and pain.  Pent up anger, denial of anger, betrayal, trauma, abandonment, rejection, sadness, denial of sadness, unconscious resistance to change, over intellectualizing, bargaining, confusion, religious conflict, unforgiveness, resentment, and so forth have tremendous energy.  We live in a society where demonstrating these emotions is not looked upon favorably therefore we have many overly medicated or addicted people as a result.  We have not been taught or modeled how to express emotions in a constructive manner which enhance relationships and health of mind, body, and spirit.  We can each choose to end this pattern by getting healthy and balanced ourselves.

How to reduce stress and balance my Splenic energy center:

  1. Choose to feel emotions fully in a healthy way. There are great self-help books and counselors that can give you tools in your emotions toolbox that can empower you to let go and allow.  Here are just a few resources:
    1. "The Myth of Stress"
    2. "Loving What Is"
    3. Anxiety Busters
    4. Books by Dr.  Caroline Leaf
    5. Emotion Code
  2. A great exercise is to sit under a tree with falling leaves and each time a leaf falls let something you have been unwilling to shed go.  Say it aloud, in your head, or in a journal, but be intentional and fully in the moment.
  3. Another activity is to sit cross legged and take your right fingers and place them on left wrist to find your pulse.  Sit there for a time and just be thankful for how your blood flows through your body without you thinking about it.  Tune into how your breath flows through your body without you thinking about it.  Ask yourself what you are spending obsessive time thinking about and allow your mind to let it go and move out through the exhale.  I like to think about "collecting" the thought, stress, pain on the inhale and on the exhale release and let go.  On the next inhale, imagine allowing peace, kindness, love, compassion, balance etc infusing you with life and energy and exhale residual pain, suffering, stress. Keep this going for 5 to 20 minutes or longer.  Often we have to give the command mentally to release before the subconscious will comply.  This intentional action has far reaching benefits.  The key is to take the time to be honest about what is really going on inside of us, pray, meditate, stop numbing out and face our emotions and work through them.  Some of us need others to help us and that is okay.
  4. Forgiving self, God, and others is absolutely essential for balance and optimal health. Forgiveness does not mean I have to be okay with what happened to me or others, or even be in relationship with someone who hurt me.  Forgiveness absolves the penalty attached to the crime committed against me and others.  The debt is paid.  By setting others free I set myself free.  If I have taken offense for another I have allowed poison to corrupt me.  I can spit it out and choose to no longer take up the offense of others and forgive myself for having done that.  I have heard that forgiveness is not forgetting, but I prefer to think of forgiveness as a choice to surrender my right to remember.  I can learn the lessons, but no longer hold the memory hostage.  The sting of it evaporates as I decide to be free of its hold.  If I need to forgive myself I realize that I am not perfect, but I can change and be transformed.  Today is not forever.  That bad thought, choice, action are not who I am today.  I do not have to choose to remain in the prison of the past.  If it is others I need to forgive I must remember that often those who have wounded me never think of it again while I may torment myself day and night.  This is no way to really live.  A record of wrongs will only further the imbalance within: destroying, decaying, and hardening.  Forgiveness is really living.  Life will flow in every direction as a result of choosing it.
  5. If you have a relationship with God, this is a time to get real and allow yourself to speak truly and completely.  Spend time listening also.  Be still and know that He is God and can help you release the past, let go of toxic emotions, and heal your mind, body, and spirit.
  6. Biofeedback is a graceful and easy modality which allows the subconscious to release emotional stressors and trauma.  In my opinion, clients who opt to use their appointments to address the emotion stressors often find the greatest results.
  7. See the summer newsletter for other ideas of how to support the splenic chakra as many of what supports the Base also nourishes and supports the Splenic as well.

Let go of the past, let go of trapped emotions and imbalances, let go of toxins, and let go of the season you are in if it is time to move into the next.  Live in today.  For today is what is here and now, and what is actually happening.  Tomorrow will eventually come, but do not spend all of your energy there either, for it hasn’t even happened yet.  Stress will literally fall off if you make the choice to be present now at every moment.

May today be about really living!!!

Nikkoly Stanley


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