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Fall 2017 Nuts and Bolts

Fall Newsletter 2017 Nuts and Bolts

Fall is here!!! I am relieved to see clear skies again after all that toxic smoke. Take some time to read about new events, products, hours, and reminders.

October 22, 2017 at 4 pm at The Cider Mill in Cashmere I am helping to co-host the second class done by Jim of Backyard Probiotics. His elixir has been a very important discovery that I am thrilled to share with everyone! If you think you will attend, please let me know so we can be sure to notify Jim as he will want to have enough hand outs and elixir makers for all who may want them. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything. Please go to my website and RSVP.

I have spent the last year and a few months observing the use of the Plexus Pink drink and other Plexus products used by several clients to help balance glucose levels and hormones. For some it has been a great support and stress reducer and for others there was a peak improvement and then plateau. However, for me it has helped immensely in terms of hypoglycemic reactions. For my daughter with Hashimoto’s it has been remarkable in helping reduce stress from her unpredictable moods, hormones, and cravings. I decided that anything that could help her so significantly should be made available to others. Please check out my Plexus website for more information:

My fall hours are 10-7 Mondays, 11:30-6 Tuesday-Thursday, 10-4 Friday. I will be out of the office the month of November. I only have a few appointments available the last full week in October, so I am booking for December already and it too is filling up, so don’t hesitate to get your appointment booked asap.


  • I absolutely appreciate your referrals. My favorite are those who really want to take responsibility for their own health and be the change they want to see happen in the world! Thank you for introducing me to those you care about. Don’t forget to remind me if I have not given you your referral credit of $5 off session for every referral who has come in for an appointment. It is my pleasure to give you that incentive, so please don’t feel awkward about reminding me. I appreciate reminders!
  • Collect those appointment cards! After 5, the 6th one is half off and after 10, the 11th one is FREE, but you have to present the cards to me.
  • Packages are 10 for the price of 9:
    • 10 — one hour sessions $540
    • 10 — one hour 15 minute sessions $675
    • 10 — one hour 30 minute sessions $810
    • 10 — two hour sessions $1,080
  • All cancellations made after the 24 hour minimum will be charged the full session price. Last minute cancellations are very difficult to fill and I do have a waiting list of clients coveting those appointment times. Please give me as much notice as possible. Thank you. Emergencies are understood. Habits of cancelled appointments are not. If you are a new client and cancel the first appointment I will require payment to be made before rescheduling another appointment. If you are referring people, please let them know this.
  • New essential oil diffusers are in stock at the salon! They are longer running and really fun designs, retailing at $59.99 each.

    Remember, tis the season to diffuse constantly to support immune system and respiratory health. There are a couple new diffusers at the salon. Come check them out. Also, doTERRA has released some incredible new oils: Rose touch, Jasmine touch, Neuroli touch, Yoga set of three oils, and more. Check out my website:

  • Results RNA herbal formulas, Protandim Nrf2 , Advanced TRS, Himalayan salt rocks, and Orgonite Pendants are available for purchase as well.


  • Eat well, live well, choose well, speak well, laugh well, and believe well!

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