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My Story

Published July, 2014

NikkolyMy name is Nikkoly Stanley and I am passionate about health and nutrition and feeling energetic and full of life. I love God and worshipping HIM in the spirit of truth and learning as much as I can about the scriptures and how to live them out, loving and caring for others, sharing what I have learned, teaching, power walking, eating great food that my husband cooks, spending time with family and friends, watching movies with my husband, traveling to places I have never been, wine tasting at local vineyards, enjoying a good glass of Malaga Springs wine with 90% dark chocolate to accompany it, watching the sunrise or set, getting lost in a blue sky, closing my eyes and hearing the waves pound on the shore, spending countless hours in my garden participating in the act of life and growth, getting a massage, and getting tasks accomplished. I am a deep thinker and need time to process all my thoughts which makes me feel too slow for the life buzzing around me at Mach 10 all the time, if there is even such a thing as Mach 10?! I am an overcomer and have met many obstacles and found a way over them by the help of God’s direction and wisdom and the practical help of the precious people He has shared with me during the course of my short time here on earth.

My story is long. Here is a very condensed version:

When I was four years old in 1974 I was bit by a tick in Washington state. We had no idea then what this tick bite did to the quality of my life. I spent most of my young life up until I went to college on antibiotics. I was always battling some kind of illness or ailment. It became apparent early on that doctors thought I was making it all up because how could a young person have so many issues? None of their inadequate testing revealed any “real” troubles. I began to think everyone felt like I did. I had NO idea how sick I was until a year ago when all these troubles began to dissipate and reveal to me what good health felt like. Complaining about the excruciating muscle, ligament, tissue, tendon, and angina pain, shortness of breath, severe perspiration, anxiety, brain fog, insomnia, rage, headaches, severe digestive troubles, severe and painful acne, emotional and hormonal complexities seemed to fall upon deaf ears and made me feel like a whiner, so I learned to smile and nod and act like everyone else was acting. People don’t know how to handle sickly people, so I began the performance of my life and tried to act healthy for their benefit-it drew less attention that way as well.

In college I was tremendously ill with every sickness that hit the campus and I absolutely refused to take antibiotics for them because I was done with that stuff. My mother spent a majority of my childhood in pharmacies and on many painkillers for her own pain. I made a promise that once I left her home I would not be subject to those types of treatments any longer. The pain intensified immensely and often I would be in so much pain my a-endorphins would kick in and make me feel high. I actually used to go running because I could experience the high quicker that way. Over time I had developed several coping mechanisms. One day I stood up from my computer and my tail bone broke. That pain was absolutely horrific added to everything else I was already dealing with. That pain was enough to make me complain. Once I stopped complaining and pretended to be okay others could accept me better. OH, the lessons I have learned about human relationships.

In my mid to late 20’s the back pain was just too much. There were some days I just didn’t know how I was going to get through a day, but I did. I coped with massage and chiropractic care. After a few babies weight loss became a real issue. I just couldn’t lose weight and keep it off. Thyroid testing became a routine norm. for me and I was always told, “Your numbers are a bit low, but not bad”. (That is a whole different page topic). After awhile I just stopped going to doctors because they just didn’t believe that I exercised and ate well. It was all quite frustrating.

In my 30’s I began using essential oils in my bath water and internally to deal with colds and flus. it was rather effective and I stopped getting the flu shot as a result. I taught in the school system, so every kid that showed up sick to my classroom gave me their yuck since my immune system was so compromised. Supplementation also became of interest to me as well as detoxing. I tried many detoxing programs and several types of supplements. What I found is that it would work for a few months and then the effects would diminish. There seemed to be no long term effectiveness.

One day when I was 38 I found a bull’s eye rash on my stomach. I had seen a tick there a few days prior and it fell off and I squished it. When the rash appeared I quickly decided it must have been ringworm. I had NO idea that Lyme disease could be an issue in Washington state, so I was sure it couldn’t have been that. I began treating the rash with Lavender essential oil. I thought I was doing such a great job keeping it contained. I did this for two more years forgetting to tell my doctor about it thinking he’d just give me some ringworm medicine I wouldn’t take anyway. At this point I had become even more into natural medicine and methods. A few weeks after I had first discovered the rash I began to feel like every thought, every move, every act of life was like trudging through wet cement. It was difficult to motivate myself at all. I often would just sit in my chair and be overwhelmed by the thought of trying to get up and do anything. Just the mere thoughts made me exhausted. However, by this point in my life I stopped telling anyone these things because I didn’t see how it would help me even if I did.

A few months after turning 40 my cousin sent me an article about Lymes disease saying that it often manifested as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, MS, bi-polar, and many other diagnosis. I decided to go to my doctor with this information. The rash is a CDC reportable case of Lyme disease and I still had it. It had enlarged since I had first been bit and itched often. I was put on doxycycline for 30 days. The die off of the mass bacteria completely tanked my system and I was an absolute train wreck. I thought I had felt bad before…oh mercy…I have never felt worse in my life as I did during those 30 days. I soon located a Lyme Literate doctor who did teach me a lot about the disease and how it works within the body. I am grateful to her for teaching me so much, but she was a bit too dramatic and radical for me and way too expensive. Insurance won’t cover most Lyme treatments.

I decided to go solo and for five months that is what I did. I cold turkey stopped treatments. My hair began to fall out and I felt horrible again, but not like I did for the four very intense months of treatment I had experienced. Thinking was really hard. Cranky behavior was my specialty, and everything seemed larger than life due to the pain I had to live life through daily. Once we moved to Wenatchee to be in a dryer climate, I realized I needed support, but I still was determined to not go an allopathic route. I didn’t like what I was seeing within the Lyme community that went this route and I didn’t want those things to happen to me.

I found a local ND who truly was a gift. She listened with so much empathy and kindness. I am so grateful for her compassion. She taught me a lot about using food to heal and seeds and nuts for hormones. I often think that her sincere listening probably brought a piece of my healing. She is young and optimistic and I needed that.

I also found a local Acupuncturist who is another true healer. Her absolute devotion and desire to do what my body needed was also such a gift. Often I could not even handle more than 5 needles and a couple of times she would be so hesitant to even attempt that. My body responded beautifully to acupuncture under her care and concern. She has become a great support and encouragement to me.

I also found a local chiropractor who was actually the first chiropractor who helped me get a permanent benefit from chiropractic care. She has become a friend and I am very thankful to her for her support and encouragement. Consistent chiropractic care based on what I need, not some generalized treatment approach has made all the difference.

I realized that too much exercise was actually harming me. I stopped my excessive exercise habits and began to lose weight and keep it off. I just went walking or rebounding and stretched just 3-4x a week. It still makes me laugh to think of all that effort I put into exercise that I never needed to do because my body just simply didn’t require it. I no longer obsess over my weight or exercise. What freedom!

I used essential oils to support my immune system and within 4 months all of my Lyme symptoms were gone. That was in July of 2012. I remember just realizing that I didn’t have pain anymore, that my thinking was no longer fuzzy, I had energy to spare without crashing, my moods were improving, my anxiety diminishing, and my confidence and joy returning. I even went on a 10 day road trip to Yellowstone with my daughter and felt FANTASTIC. Who knew it was possible to feel this great consistently?

roomNikkoly2In October I found the doctor who used zyto scan technology. He asked me if I was willing to just do what the scan suggested. I was. I did it and within a few more months I felt even better…was this really happening???? I am so thrilled to say that since July 2012 I have never felt better in my life and I just keep feeling better as my body repairs from so many years of damage. There is hope for anyone who is willing to not cave into fear and give time and a lot of effort into getting better. I realize that path is different for each person, as it should be, but I do believe there is a path.

For over a year I joined forces with my doctor and used Zyto scan technology to help people make the best possible individualized wellness plan according to their own needs to bring their body back into balance and give referrals that will be most beneficial. I have found that using essential oils proves time and again their effectiveness in dealing with a myriad of health issues small and large. I love educating people how to use them and find myself doing that more than anything. Many people refer to me as the “oil lady”. I currently use Quantum Biofeedback, Essential Oils, Protandim, Results RNA Herbal Formulas, Cryxon Light Training, and CGAM Body Charger to support my clients by reducing stress to mind, body, and spirit.

I have energy to spare every single day. I never have an afternoon slump or foggy brain. It is splendid. I refuse to agree with death and only agree with life and know that most of the battle is in the mind anyway. What we believe will determine how we live. The subconscious will always live out our truth. I want to REALLY LIVE! Come, join me!!!

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